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Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council,
Berwick WorkSpace,
Boarding School Yard,
90 Marygate,
TD15 1BN
T: 01289 302391

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Grant Schemes

1. Grants will be awarded to promote BTCs aims as set out in its mission statement:
Promote the economic growth of Berwick, Spittal and Tweedmouth
Encourage people to visit Berwick, Spittal and Tweedmouth
Maintain the environment of Berwick, Spittal and Tweedmouth
2. Grants will only be awarded to independent organisations based and/or active in the BTC area, open to anyone to join, with a constitution and bank account controlled by at least two members.
3. Grants will not be awarded to organisations whose main purpose is to influence public policy or to engage in political campaigning. The making of grants to organisations providing advice or support to individuals will be reserved to council.
4. Grants will be up to a maximum of £2500 per grant, and where there are multiple grant applications from the same organisation in one civic year they shall not total more than £2500.
5. Grants may be used for purchase or hire of equipment, insurance or the cost of hiring external labour or support for activities. This may include the cost of attracting speakers or facilitators.
6. Applications will need to be supported by an explanation of the outcomes the expenditure is intended to achieve, and the way in which those outcomes relate to the objectives in paragraph 1 (above).
7. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate how, especially in the procurement of items costing more than £100, they will achieve value for money.
8. It shall be a standard condition of the making of grants that no payments shall be made except against invoices submitted.
9. Grants will not be given:
● To individuals
● For entertainment or food and drink
● For the hire of venues on a regular basis.
● To organisations donating all or most of their income to charity
10. Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council will not normally fund 100% of the project costs. Applicants will be expected to provide evidence of their overall budget and their fundraising efforts.

To download a grant application form in MS Word format please click here.

To download a grant application form in PDF format please click here.