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Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council,
Berwick WorkSpace,
Boarding School Yard,
90 Marygate,
TD15 1BN
T: 01289 302391

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Open procurement in the 21st century

As a council we're required to ensure best value from the public money we spend.

That means spending no more than we have to, and making sure we buy only the right goods and services for the job.

We often need small items of work done, or to buy small numbers of goods that we don't have a regular supplier framework for.

Those sorts of jobs will be advertised on this page, and we'll publish updates on our Twitter feed when new requests for quotes are published.

Each time we put an item on this page, we'll tell you the specifications of the job or item required. All we need from you is:

  • A quote for the work / item required
  • Evidence that you are a recognized trader
  • Evidence that you have the right to work / trade in the UK or EU
  • If undertaking work evidence that you have the appropriate insurance

Each job when published will have a closing date. We'll do our best in each case to provide feedback as to why an individual contractor was selected for the work.


20 September 2018 - Castlegate Kiosk

Berwick Town Council requires written costed proposals for works for repairs to the Kiosk, Castlegate (former TIC building attached to B&M).  Further information can be found in the document 'Instructions and Information for Costed Proposal of Works (Repairs to Kiosk, Castlegate)'.


20 September 2018 - Lions Allotments.

Berwick Town Council requires written costed proposals for works for the repairs to boundary walls at Lions Allotments.  Further information can be found in the document 'Instructions and Information for Costed Proposal of Works (Repairs to boundary walls, Lions Allotments)'.


11 June 2018 - Allotment. Berwick Town Council require quotes for work on an allotment.

Berwick Town Council require quotes for the clearance of an empty allotment at their Five Arches site and its subdivision into two plots with appropriate fences and gates.

Please send quotes / estimates to by Monday, 25 June 2018.

For further information, please contact Stephen Cozens at or 01289 302 391.


11 June 2018 - Allotment Fence. Berwick Town Council require quotes for the supply and installation of a fence.

Berwick Town Council require quotes for the supply and installation of a 2.8 metre high fence, with suitable gate, to surround the allotment site at Five Arches.

Please send quotes / estimates to by Monday, 25 June 2018.

For further information, please contact Stephen Cozens at or 01289 302 391.


06 March 2018 - Berwick-upon-Tweed Wayfinding - Signage and Interpretation Scoping Study


Berwick-upon-Tweed is the northernmost town in England, sitting 3 miles south of the Scottish Border on the mouth of the River Tweed. Through its location, it was central to the historic border wars between England and Scotland. This is reflected in Berwick's heritage and some of the town's most notable architecture which includes town walls, Elizabethan ramparts and Britain's earliest barracks.

Berwick has four sandy beaches, a range of leisure facilities and through the annual film festival and The Maltings Arts Centre has developed as a cultural and events venue. In recent times, partly due to the designation of a number of long distance strategic routes passing through the town, Berwick has emerged as a hub for walkers and cyclists and also offers its own network of circular town-based walks including the Lowry Trail, town walls route and beautiful riverside strolls with some fine vistas and points of interest.

The combination of its unique location and history coupled with a vibrant cultural offer, presents Berwick-upon-Tweed as a potentially important and successful visitor destination. In recognition of the economic and social benefits which can be gained from a vibrant visitor economy, Berwick Town Council in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders, has set out an ambition to fully realise the town's tourism potential through a combination of product developments, innovative marketing and visitor welcome infrastructure improvements.


Visitors to Berwick, especially when visiting for the first time, need assistance to help them understand what the town has to offer and where key destinations and attractions are located.

People who become lost and frustrated, may feel insecure and unwelcome and as result, are inclined to leave prematurely and unlikely to return. It is therefore critical that within the first twenty to thirty minutes of arrival, the latent interest of visitors is captured and converted into a strong desire to explore, do more, spend more, stay longer and experience the town and its offerings. This will be achieved by an engaging and inspiring visitor welcome infrastructure based on the fundamental of a consistent, coherent and high quality pedestrian wayfinding and signage system.

The Brief

The current pedestrian wayfinding provision within Berwick-upon-Tweed is dilapidated, inconsistent, uninspiring and outdated and does little to support the town's economy. The requirements of this brief, ultimately seeks to replace the existing signs with a single effective system that will provide high quality wayfinding guidance with the specific outcomes of:

● Communicating the towns assets through wayfinding and inspiring visitors to explore and discover
● Making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for, with a focus on:
   ○ Attractions (e.g. Barracks and Maltings Arts Centre)
   ○ Retail (e.g. Marygate, Bridge Street)
   ○ Environment (e.g. Riverside and beach)
   ○ Heritage (e.g. Town walls and ramparts)
   ○ Leisure tourism (e.g. Golf course and Swan Centre)
● Providing a pedestrian network that takes the visitor around the main cultural and historic features, viewpoints and public spaces and links businesses to customers
● Taking in the key gateways and points of arrival (e.g. railway station, main car parks, coach drop off, bus terminus)
● Improving the perceptions and experiences of the town
● Improving the appearance of the town
● Promoting and ensuring accessibility and safe journeys allowing people the freedom to walk in the town safe in the knowledge that they will receive regular and accurate wayfinding information
● Providing a physical infrastructure which reflects and supports the marketing and promotion of the town
● Providing a cost effective, concise, adaptable and easily maintained system of wayfinding

The signs themselves should be designed to reflect and enhance the character of Berwick-upon-Tweed and their presence will reinforce the identity of the town. This will necessitate where appropriate, inclusion of the existing town branding (bear and tree). It is anticipated that the signing system will consist of a combination of monoliths (map boards) and directional units positioned along the key pedestrian routes with the signs that contain the most information (monoliths) placed at key decision points.

The commissioning group is also keen to receive and explore options with regard to:

● The idea of a zonal or subject approach to aid navigation
● Digital technologies linked to the physical signs infrastructure
● Integration with sustainable transport options, e.g. wayfinding and monoliths at the main rail station, incorporating wayfinding and signage styling at bus stops and potentially utilising bus shelter as information points
● Subsequently extending the signage system to include public services (e.g. health), industrial estates, retail parks, etc. (with some variations on design to set them apart from tourist signing)
● Related but distinctive way marking for both circular and linear walking trails and cycling infrastructure within the town

*The brief is focussed primarily on pedestrian navigation and does not include road/highway signing or signage on the A1 trunk route.

The Study

The scoping study should propose a suitable signage system which will fulfill the ambitions and requirements as outlined in "The Brief". It should also include:

● A review of existing signs and outdated signs to be removed
● An analysis of the most appropriate locations for the new signage system
● Indicative design and materials options which should be adaptable/modular with low maintenance liabilities
● Consideration of audio options for blind or severely visually impaired people as part of the system
● Assessment of any planning requirements and consents
● Ideas for the development of the project through local consultations (e.g. on-street user testing, drop in events for local people). We anticipate you will organise at least one public / stakeholder event to inform the study.

Importantly, due to the nature of funding and the development of a parallel destination management plan for Berwick, the study should consider a phased implementation based on the following and should provide indicative costs in detail for phase 1 and in outline for each phase.

Phase 1 (2018/19) Focus:

● Rail Station
● Other main points of Arrival
● Marygate (main shopping street)
● Decision Points (linked to the above) e.g. inside and/or outside rail station, main route intersections

N.B: Costings should be developed as a result of the needs identified in the study, it is important to provide specific reference to what can be achieved and delivered:
● Within a 2018/19 financial year timeframe
● Within an initial funding package of between £20,000 - £50,000. £20,000 is already earmarked for this scheme however depending on the projects requirements it may be possible to secure further contributions

Phase 2a (2019/20) Focus:

● Onward implementation of remaining tourist/visitor way finding and monoliths
● Trails (walking and cycling) waymarking

Phase 2b (2019/20) Focus:

● Public Services waymarking
● Industrial Estates waymarking & wayfinding

Application Process

Proposals must be submitted in writing, no later than Monday 19th March 2018 and clearly marked "Berwick Wayfinding Project Expression of Interest". Two hard copies and a Google compatible e-version should be delivered to:

Gareth Davies
Town Clerk
Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council
Berwick Workspace
Boarding School Yard
90 Marygate
TD15 1BN


The proposal should contain the following information:

● Full details of the organisation, including experience and/or examples of relevant projects undertaken.
● How the organisation will carry out and manage the tasks.
● An all-inclusive fee bid, excluding VAT.
● If applicable, full details of each member of the organisation, identifying the role they will play in relation to the brief. Relevant qualifications and experience should also be included.
● Confirmation of the organisation's legal and employment status.
● Details of two referees who have direct and relevant knowledge of the organisation's work.

Applications will be assessed and short-listed on the quality of submission, previous experience and cost. Depending on the number and quality of submissions, applicants maybe required to attend an interview.

A budget up to a maximum value of £5,000 plus VAT will be made available for all aspects of this study.

Any enquiries should be submitted via email to:

Time Table

Project brief issued: Monday 26th February 2018

Tenders to be returned by: 19th March 2018

Short-listing w/c 19th March 2018

Selection Interviews (if required) w/c 26th March 2018

Appointment/Start Date Monday 26th March 2018

Mid Term Update (following initial scoping and consultation event please note TC will pay costs of event) Friday 27th April 2018

Final Report Friday 25th May 2018


01 March 2018 - Bus Shelters

We are currently experiencing vandalism issues on 5 bus shelters. Suitably experienced contractors are required to bid for the contract to repair and harden these bus shelters.  Further details can be obtained from our office.  We are not bound to accept any quote, and will award the contract on the basis of both the quality of the proposed work and its cost.

Closing date is Thursday 15 March 2018 and contact information (including for any questions you have) is


07 November 2017 - Invitation for expressions of interest.

Three pieces of work are available to be let by Berwick Town Council. Expressions of interest, which may be followed by a formal tender or quote appraisal process, should be sent to by Friday 24th November 2017.

1. Website development
The council invites expressions of interest from experienced website developers with knowledge of the local council arena for the design and implementation of a new website for Berwick upon Tweed Town Council. Developers would need to be able to liaise with staff, councillors and other stakeholders, and to develop a website that would include:

   Information sections for members of the public
   Promotional material for Berwick upon Tweed, and
   A document library to enable the council to fulfill its duty to publish its papers.

Experience of similar work will be an essential requirement. The council currently operates the GSuite set of office software, and the website would need to integrate with this, with our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) and with Survey Monkey polling software. It is anticipated that all site maintenance / updating after implementation will be undertaken by our staff, and the proposal should address this issue, and ease of use by lay users.

Expressions of interest should include evidence of previous work undertaken, and an indicative cost for development work and the timescale required.

2. Visual branding
Berwick upon Tweed Town Council has, since its inception, used a variety of the familiar bear and tree logo as its visual brand. Expressions of interest are invited from experienced graphic designers or agencies for a refresh of this branding, and associated fonts / colour-schemes, to fit in with the refresh of the council's website (see above) and our ambition to express Berwick's history and heritage in a modern context.

Expressions of interest should include evidence of previous work undertaken, and an indicative cost for the work and the timescale required.

3. Hard to reach groups - research into the LGBTQ+ community in Berwick upon Tweed
Berwick upon Tweed Town Council is committed to representing and working with all members of the community. Understanding the size and needs of hard to reach communities such as the LGBTQ+ community is part of our work which we need to undertake in a proportionate way bearing in mind the resources available to us.

We therefore wish to invite organizations or practitioners with a suitable understanding of rural and small urban LGBTQ+ communities to make proposals for a piece of survey work, using our existing Survey Monkey platform, to help us understand:

   the size of the LGBTQ+ community in Berwick upon Tweed,
   the level of satisfaction with services for LGBTQ+ people in Berwick upon Tweed, and
   the level of satisfaction with our engagement with LGBTQ+ communities.

In view of the need for our spending to be proportionate it is envisaged that survey respondents will be recruited via social media, and proposals should explain how this might be achieved.

Expressions of interest should include evidence of previous work undertaken in similar fields of research or campaigning, and an indicative cost for the work and the timescale required.


04 October 2017 - Christmas Lights.  Berwick Town Council requires electrical contractor.

Electrical contractors wishing to be considered for the contract to install Christmas lights in Berwick should provide contact details by Friday 13th October 2017 to

29 August 2017 - Allotment.  Berwick Town Council require quotes for work on an allotment.

Berwick Town Council require quotes for the clearance of an empty allotment and its subdivision into two plots with appropriate fences and gates.

Please send quotes / estimates to by Wednesday, 6 September 2017.

For further information, please contact Stephen Cozens at or 01289 302 391.


31 July 2017 - Telephone System.  Berwick Town Council requires quotes for the provision of a new phone system.

We currently have a three handset VOIP system operating via a BT broadband connection. This isn't reliable enough for our purposes, so we're seeking alternative solutions that deliver reliability. We don't have an in-house IT team so require a resilient solution that doesn't require large amounts of in house technical support.

We need at least four handsets, and at least three lines; voicemail would be required as well. Please send quotes / estimates or any questions you have to

We don't guarantee to accept any quote, even if it is the cheapest; we will be balancing price with aftersales support and reliability. We are looking to make a purchasing decision in early September.

If you have any questions please contacts us via