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Riding of the Bounds

05 May 2018

Riding of the Bounds is a traditional ride-out of the boundaries of Berwick, to keep them known to the Scottish and the English.

The Riding of the Bounds now regularly attracts around 100 riders. As well as the cavalcade departing from the town, fun equestrian games are held at the half way halt (weather permitting!) and then the riders head back to the town to be offered refreshments in the Guildhall.



Please Note these times are approximate and depend on weather conditions on the day:

9.30am - Best Turned Out Judging, Grass In front of Barracks.
10am - Riders assemble in Parade Car Park and Proceed to Barracks.
10.20am - Riders leave the Barracks and proceed to the Guild Hall.
10.45am - Ride leaves Town via Church Street.
12.30-1pm - Gallop will take place before the rest break and can be
viewed from the Bridge over the River, This is strictly weather permitting.
1pm approx. - Trotting Races
3.00pm - Ride Returns to the Town Via Castle Terrace back to the Guild Hall
3.30pm - After Ride Lunch and Prize Giving (All welcome)


Please note that there will be restricted parking at The Parade, Wallace Green and Chapel Street.


Facebook: Berwick Riders Association



Important Information

Please ensure you read this information before commencing the ride. If you require any additional information before the day of the ride please contact the Berwick Riders Association

- Horse Boxes
Horse Boxes may be parked at the Parade Car Park, Berwick-upon-Tweed, to arrive between 8.00 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. Wagons will be parked in the Wallace Green area

- Assembly and Judging
Riders are asked to be mounted in the Parade Car Park by 9.30 a.m. Judging for the best turned out horses and riders (senior, junior and cob) will take place on the Parade Green at 9.30 a.m. There will only be first place awards.
Prize winners are asked to attend the prize-giving at the lunch after the ride, if you are unable to attend please notify the judge.

- Departure
Riders should listen for the Senior Marshal to call the riders to order behind the principals who will lead them to the Barracks Square, at approximately 9.45am. The "stirrup cup" will be served in the Barracks Square at 10.00 a.m. Under the direction of the Chief Marshal and Marshals, riders will be asked to form up in pairs to depart from the Barracks Square at 10.20 a.m. moving in procession from the Barracks Square via Walkergate through Marygate to the Town Hall. Riders will then depart via Church Street to follow the traditional route.

- Other Timings (these are approximate)
The Gallop will take place before the rest break and can be viewed from the bridge at Canty's, approximately 12.30 - 1 p.m.
3.15 p.m. Return via Marygate to the Parade Car Park.
NOTE: There will be no supervision of the Parade Car Park during the event. Horses are left solely at their owner's risk.
3.30 p.m. Buffet Lunch in the Guildhall. Prize-giving.

- Route
The route will be approximately 15 miles and should only be attempted by reasonably experienced riders with fit horses/ponies over the age of 5 years. It is not suitable for children on very small ponies or riding pony's on leading reins.
Lead Reins are strictly prohibited during the ride.

- Marshals
Under the supervision of the Chief Marshal & Senior Marshal, Marshals will supervise the route. They will make themselves known to riders before and during the assembly. Each will be wearing an arm band. Horses kicking will be moved to the back of the ride and should be wearing a red ribbon. If you know your horse kicks it should start the ride at the back and stay there.

- Rules
All riders undertake to observe the following simple rules:
1 - No riding in front of the leading marshal at any time.
2 - Riders not to ride any more than two abreast on roads.
3 - No riders shall be accompanied by dogs.
4 - All riders to wear protective headgear up to current safety standards.
5 - No lead reins allowed. If, for whatever reason a rein needs to be fitted during the ride, the riders involved will be moved to the rear of the ride and left at the first convenient safe stopping place for collection.
6 - All horses must be 5 years old and over and be suitable for the purpose. If there are any doubts raised by a member of the public or a ride marshal, the Senior Ride Marshal will have the authority to ask to see the horse's passport. This must travel with the horse at all times by law.
7 - Please note that the Horse Ambulance is available for emergencies only. It is expected that hired horses are the responsibility of the hiring yard.
8 - Any riders leaving the ride at any point will not be covered by the insurance taken out by BRA and will not be allowed to rejoin the ride. If you wish to leave the ride you must notify a ridden marshal.

NOTE: Smoking is not permitted in the barn at Gainslaw Hill Farm
Riders take part in the Riding of the Bounds at their own risk and that they, the riders, indemnify the Berwick Riders Association, its member and volunteers from and against all liability for loss of or damage or injury to any property, person or animal (whether or not taking part in the Riding of the Bounds) which may arise directly or indirectly from the issuing of such permits or from the organisation of the Riding of the Bounds with the sole exception of loss, damage or injury suffered by persons not taking part in the Riding of the Bounds which may be caused wholly by the negligence or default of the Berwick Riders Association.
Please be aware that the Riding of the Bounds is a public event, and that photographs may be taken, whether by members of the public, local press, or an official photographer. By taking part in the ride you are giving your consent to any images that contain your likeness appearing in any future publicity/advertising for the Riding of the Bounds, in local press, or on social media websites. The BRA will not publish any personal information, although it is possible you may be named in the press or social media.




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