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Changes to Bus Services

Released on 31 January 2011


Changes to bus routes and timetables in Berwick-upon-Tweed will be introduced from Monday 28 February.

Following a public meeting called by the Town Council when new services were introduced last year, Perryman’s Buses met with both the County Council and Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council to discuss how these could be improved.

As a result, a number of changes have been made to town services that address issues raised in September.  These include many of the journeys on B2 extending from the Railway Station to North Road and a better service to Tweedmouth for the Post Office and surgeries.

The County Council, through its Integrated Transport Unit, also monitors use and provides financial support for other parts of the town that would not have a viable bus service and these destinations have also had minor tweaks to make the best use of the limited resources.  This has meant some locations will see a further small improvement.

Berwick’s Town Mayor, Cllr Jennifer Waterhouse, says: ‘We are delighted that by working with all involved, and with Tesco’s agreement, changes are being made to meet the needs of Berwick residents.  We hope we can continue to work with our colleagues at County and the bus operators to help ensure the long term viability of transport in the town’.

Full details are available on both the County Council and Perryman’s Buses websites:

Travel Line North East provide details of bus services and a link to there website is provided below:

Travel Line North East


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